We manufacture and supply a varied assortment of plastic bottles for a wide range of applications. We are constantly involved in improving the quality of the products: by using better materials, more efficient techniques, and appealing and practical shapes. But we still offer ‘old-fashioned’, reliable service. We supply a wide range of products, and offer a flexible service for both small and large clients. We accept orders from 25 items; this applies to all our packaging. We deliver from stock within a few working days. Plastic bottles are clean and hygienic, strong, light, colorful and can be used for a wide range of purposes. They are used to contain food, beverages, cosmetics, cleaning products, pharmaceutical and chemical products.  We also manufacture smaller batches that are used as ‘handout packaging’ for market tests with consumers, samples or promotional purposes. We have a large collection of standard moulds to manufacture plastic bottles. If you have specific requirements, we can create a new mould for a plastic bottle, sealing or dosing system.